Here’s a brand-new strategy for climbing the Google rankings in the most competitive niches and for the highest-paying search terms.

Shocking SEO Industry Secrets Exposed

If you’d like to know the one surefire way to make Google love your business and place it at the top of search results for the most lucrative keywords in your industry, read on.

If that’s the case, this is the most thrilling message you’ll ever read.

And here’s why:

Google’s ranking of your website can make or break your company.

However, SEO has to be old news by now, right?

It was put to rest, just like the Panda and the Penguin.


Though it’s impossible to overlook the significance of Facebook and Instagram as promotional tools…

As a matter of fact, the most effective method of…

The world’s most valuable and lucrative traffic…

This content comes from the “organic” (free) results on Google…

And if your potential customers can’t find you when they do a Google search for what you’re selling, you might as well not exist.

Well… Search engine optimization is making a dramatic comeback.

If your entire advertising strategy relies on Facebook and Google Ads, then…

You should be scared to death by these shocking numbers!

The average cost PER CLICK has grown by 244% over the past four years

That’s not limited to the Google search engine, either.

In the past year, the typical CPC on Facebook has increased by 171%.

And this year, it’s anticipated to increase by even more than 100%!

This is only the beginning…

For the simple reason that the cost of advertising on these platforms can only rise. UP!

Maybe you’ve tried search engine optimization in the past and been burned to a crisp by dishonest SEO consultants who promised you the moon but delivered the sun.

Who have taken your money, promised you the world, and given you an atlas at best.

Even if (by some unfathomable miracle) they did succeed in getting you to the top of Google’s search results page,

This was probably for a bunch of useless keywords.

Financial advisors who are left-handed in South Melbourne, for example.

There was a *roll of the eyes*

They’ll use any means necessary to make a buck off of you, and that’s just one of the dirty tricks these rug salesmen employ!

The thing is…

The SEO Services Provided by Most Companies Are Incorrect

Instead of concentrating on making money, their main concerns are rankings and pixie dust.

To be clear, I think that popularity and clicks (and pixie dust) are wonderful.

But if they don’t become paying customers, then it’s all for naught.

No one should be paid based on their position in an online ranking, as this would be like paying tax with a lottery ticket.

You can’t put them toward your rent and utilities.

And you can forget about using them to get yourself a brand new Range Rover Sport.

The phrase “Look honey, we’re number one on Google!”

(*wipes away tear*)

Therefore, bucko, the only thing that matters is how much money those rankings bring in for your company.

Not any of that other claptrap.

As far as I know, that’s the end of the story.

It doesn’t matter what any self-proclaimed “SEO Experts” or “geeks” tell you…

The truth is exactly like this.

Now In the ears of the uninitiated, it could come across as harsh.

It may make us seem rude, but that’s only because the honest, unvarnished truth is so rarely voiced these days.

It’s akin to a long-lost tribal tongue.

Particularly government departments and agencies.

This is because their primary motivation is financial gain rather than establishing meaningful relationships with other businesses.



When your traffic levels off… Delete your rankings from the face of the earth.

Why? As for why most SEO companies use questionable methods, such as private blog networks (PBNs), to boost their clients’ sites in the search engine results, the answer is simple (Private Blog Networks).

In this regard, they maintain a system of insular blogs that serve no purpose beyond advertising their clients’ sites and provide no genuine benefit to the web at large.

(It’s a shady way to artificially boost search engine rankings, but) if you ask an SEO business if they use private blog networks, they’ll flat-out lie and say they don’t.

For the simple reason that no sane company owner would ever hire them even if they claimed to have such skills.

They employ PBNs due to its low cost and high efficiency in boosting website rankings.

That is, until the world’s top minds and highest-paid engineers at Google…

Find these hidden nests of illegal activity that directly contradict their policies…

And for that you must pay the price.

If your website goes down, it’s like a body being put in a bag and taken to the morgue.

In the end, it will be lost among the countless other sites that have failed in their attempts to “trick” Google.

Lots of people have fallen victim to this “black hat” shady activity online, and they did it (usually) without even realising it.

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