Today’s thought: Attention

You don’t need me to tell you that we are living in pretty uncertain times.

Social media has been consuming the masses with distraction for some time now.

The internet has created a chaotic blizzard of noise.

This is the current attention graph.

This graph details the consumption of TV and the internet in minutes.

For the first time EVER…

The internet is extracting more eyeball minutes than TV.

On average, people pick up their smartphones 58 times a day.

Spending an average of 3 hours and 15 minutes daily on their phones.

That’s 20% of their waking life plugged into the matrix.

This mass hysteria is reaching boiling point.

And it’s created an entirely new rule book for growing a business.

Times have changed, and things aren’t how they used to be for the marketers circa the digital age.

It’s become harder to cut through the noise. 

People are now being bombarded by a million and one messages.

Ads, DM’s, E-mails, Notifications.

The modern-day attention span resembles that of a mouse on crack. 

We have more things to focus on, but focus on things for a shorter period of time. 

Therefore, attention is the new currency. 

Unless you know how to get, keep and ultimately leverage attention in today’s digital age…

The harsh reality is that your clients and customers will go elsewhere. 

Employees will leave to go and work for those ‘elsewhere’ companies. 

You see, all the pound notes (and the eyeballs) have moved to an online life. 

Don’t believe me? I invite you to see it for yourself.

Attention has flooded online. 

Businesses are chasing that attention. 


(Are you picking up what I’m putting down yet?)

Let me share with you the only 3 jobs your marketing material needs to have…

  1. Grab ‘em – You have the make sure that your marketing strikes like a lightning bolt into there mind of your prospect. Stopping them in their tracks, right there, scrolling through their newsfeed. If not? Well, you’re dead on arrival. 
  2. Deliver value, news or findings. The content of your marketing should be of value to your reader, or report some level of findings, news or research. This is the type of content that will see you hit the highest level of engagement online. 
  3. Sell the click. Everything I’ve told you above will mean absolutely nothing, if you don’t get people to click through from your marketing. Go through to your funnel where you can make them an offer. So, the MOST important part of all of this is selling the click.

So, what drives attention?

For starters – Curiosity, intrigue, shock, direct benefit, implied benefit, fear, vanity…

However, with that said…

Curiosity is the most powerful raw emotion to get attention

Why? Because it taps into the way the human brain is wired.

We’re primates on caffeine.

Stay hungry

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