Today’s thought: Ordinary

Today’s thought: Ordinary.

Beware of taking advice from ordinary people.

It will bring you nothing but the ordinary.

Normal behaviour achieves normal results.

Is that what you want?


A normal life.

A normal team.

Normal ROA’s.

Normal CPL’s.

Normal CPA’s.

Normal growth.

Now, I don’t know about you.

But ‘normal’ scares the life out of me.

Being ‘normal’ is the most frequently walked path to mediocrity.

And mediocrity is the surest route to inadequacy.

Instead, the only people to learn from are extreme mavericks.

In any field.

These are the people achieving remarkable results.

Look at the level of action they take.

Look at their attention to detail.

Look at their passion. Is it normal?

You see, if you want a breakthrough outcome…

You have to apply a ‘breakthrough’ amount of effort.

Don’t look at people getting ordinary results.

Look at the extreme mavericks.

My life changed when I started studying these people.

And not some flavour of the month armchair expert.

So, what am I trying to say?

Whatever you’re working on right now.

Stop taking advice from common folk.

Before you take advice from anyone.

Look at what they’ve achieved…

And ask yourself…

Is that what I want for myself?

If not, remove any thought of it from your mind immediately.

‘Cause it’s a mind virus.

Instead, seek advice from people with remarkable results.

Stay hungry. 

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